Passion Fruit – Puree Production

Passionfruit puree processing

Freshly picked passion fruit is transported to the processing plant where it is screened, inspected, and washed with high pressure water jets to remove any leaves or dirt from the fruit. The passion fruit is then passed to a final selection table where it is inspected prior to the extraction process.

Specially designed extractors break down the fruit making it ready for processing. Seed fragments and peel are screened out leaving only clean juice.

The juice is then centrifuged, deaerated and pasteurized in a sterilized circuit.

Now it is ready for packing; the passion fruit puree is piped to the filling room where it is placed into aseptic bags and drums which have been sterilized by irradiation with ultraviolet light.

The entire process is meticulously overseen by a quality control team who conduct various tests at different stages of the process.


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