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Passion Fruit – Health Benefits

Passion Fruit

The purple passion fruit (P. edulis f. edulis) is mainly cultivated in Africa and India and the yellow passion fruit (P. edulis f. flavicarpa) in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. Parts used Leaves, flowers, peels, stems and passion fruits. Benefits of passion fruit The juice but mainly the leaves of passion fruit contain the alkaloids, including […]

Alphonso Mango – Nutrition

Alphonso Mango Nutrition

Alphonso Mango – Nutrition (per 100g) Principle Energy Carbohydrates Protein Total Fat Cholesterol Dietary FiberVitamins Folates Niacin Pantothenic acid Pyridoxine (vit B-6) Riboflavin Thiamin Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin E Vitamin K Electrolytes Sodium Potassium Minerals Calcium Copper Iron Magnesium Manganese Zinc Phyto-nutrients Carotene-β Carotene-α Crypto-xanthin-β Lutein-zeaxanthin Lycopene Nutrient Value 70 Kcal 17 g 0.5 […]

Alphonso Mango – Health Benefits

alphonso mangos

Alphonso mango fruit is rich in prebiotic dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and polyphenolic flavonoid antioxidant compounds. According to research studies, alphonso mango fruit has been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. Several trial studies suggest that polyphenolic antioxidant compounds in mango are known to offer protection against breast and colon cancers. […]